1. Apple & Tablets

    The rumors that Apple will be announcing a new Tablet device this months have reached such a fever pitch that if it turns out to be bull hunky, there’s going to be a riot.

    That said, since I’m something of an Apple fan, and because I’m also a blogger, Apple Legal have informed me that I’m contractually obligated to write a post listing my own worthless speculations on what the device might be like. My sphincter is too delicate for jail, so here goes:

    • I don’t think it will be called the iSlate. That’s a shit name.
    • I do think it will have a built in camera. I’m also “hoping” the camera will be completely invisible. That’s not as daft as it sounds if this Apple owned patent patent is to be believed. Either way, I just don’t see the logic in Apple creating a device like this without a camera as some people have speculated. They’ve put so much time and effort into things like iPhoto, iMovie, Final Cut et al, and the video editing they have on the iPhone is ground breaking. I can also imagine a new breed of imaging based software for people like architects, interior designers, film makers that can make good use of the built in GPS, accelerometer and compass combined with a camera.
    • Synching is going to be a big deal. It’s going to be a game changer and it’s going to be completely new. Think “Cloud Computing” but smaller. It’s also going to be something no other competitor even thinks about when they launch their inevitable “iSlate” killers.
    • It could fail. There, I said it. Apple could make a device that isn’t all that great. The word on the street is that Apple have struggled to make sense of this device since before the iPhone came along. This guy I know, he knows a guy that knows a guy who says Steve Jobs doesn’t really like the “iSlate”. I mention this because people seem to think that Apple can’t afford a failure. That if they released a device that didn’t receive instant unanimous praise and acceptance then it would somehow kill the company. Apple have had failures before: The G4 Cube and iPod Hi-Fi were both unmitigated failures while the jury is still out on the Apple TV, Macbook Air and Mac Mini. This device could go the way of the Newton just as easily as any other. But it won’t really matter, Apple will simply stop selling it and move on. Unlike a certain someone else.
    • It will have “Cut & Paste”.
    • There will be a developer SDK from day 1.
    • It will not look like a big iPhone.

    So there! Those are my predictions apropos the “iSlate”.

    Just one more thing… I also hope the Apple TV gets a mention at the upcoming event. Apple TV has the potential to be awesome if you think of it as a home server. The fact that Steve Jobs hasn’t killed it yet means he must have plans for it. All it needs is a little bit of of the same TLC they’ve given the iPod and iPhone.